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PNNL North American Lithium Battery Materials Industry Report

The “North American Lithium Battery Materials Industry Report” reviews the current state of the North American lithium (Li) battery materials market. The analysis includes reviews of materials used in the production of Li-ion batteries, as well as cell producers in the United States using the materials and some foreign entities

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America’s Broken Supply Chain

“America’s Broken Supply Chain,”is  a white paper examining today’s critical mineral supply chain landscape. The white paper identifies solutions for the US to improve its domestic mineral production processes through increased collaboration between the US government, defense, mining and clean energy industries. Read the complete white paper.

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Posturing the Defense Industrial Base for Great Power Competition

This report offers an annual unclassified assessment of the U.S. defense industrial base (DIB). NDIA’s Vital Signs includes an exclusive survey of NDIA members who form the backbone of the DIB and focuses particularly on the health of the defense industrial base as it relates to military readiness. Read the

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